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Cemimax is a global manufacturer of professional flooring preparation materials. We have headquarters in Shanghai (China), Hamburg (Germany), North Carolina (United States) and Sydney (Australia). Cemimax has over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing levelling compounds, primers, moisture vapor retarders, and patching compounds.

As a trusted supplier, Cemimax provides you with a complete flooring installation solution for industry, health, education, commercial, residential, etc. Through innovation and technology, we are always striving to maintain our market-leading reputation and delivery of high-quality products. We have been recognised globally by a large number of high profile projects where our products have been used. Our continued investment in research and development will ensure Cemimax supplies the highest-performing, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective product in the market.

We pride ourselves on delivering a consistently high-quality product backed by friendly client service.

Cemimax ‘The Ultimate in flooring preparation.’


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